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Come to PtR night at the AT&T Center

PtR readers can buy discounted tickets to Monday night's game and receive free passes to enter the arena early to watch the teams warm up, and shoot a free throw on the court after the game. Plus, you'll receive a special Spurs holiday t-shirt and get to hang out together in the arena afterwards. It's time to get experienced.

Hey ref, look at all those PtR fans
Hey ref, look at all those PtR fans
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

As a designated PtR Rehasher, I have the privilege of getting to the AT&T Center between 5:30 and 6:00 on most nights. At first I thought arriving so early might get stale.  Boy, was I ever wrong.

The few hours before the game when both teams are on the court getting loose and interacting is one of my favorite parts of the night.  You get to see the guys where they are most comfortable before the lights come on and everyone has to turn on their professional faces and get serious.  There's no million dollar contracts or trade talks or Craig Sager in a glowing suit.  It's just basketball players getting warmed up to play the game they love.

If you are free tomorrow, I highly recommend taking advantage of this offer from PtR.  You'll love seeing the pre-game activities up close, plus you'll get a free Spurs t-shirt and a chance to shoot a free-throw after the game.  I'll be there with my daughter, as will many of the more famous and talented PtR brass.

And all you have to do is go to here, enter promo code PTR, create an account, and choose your seats from four different price levels: three lower level options ($155, $95, $75) and one upper level option ($35). Purchase as many tickets as you like, up to 10, and you will be contacted about your exclusive passes for Courtside Experience and Post Game Free Throw, which are included in the price. Not to mention the Spurs holiday t-shirt you will receive.

If the links above don't behave as I've described, or is you have any questions or concerns, please contact the man who helped PtR set this up, Spurs representative Danny Farias at 210-444-5607 or

So click on this pic and get your tickets now. The rest of the £ers, and I, will see you there.