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Final Score: Spurs fall to Thunder, 113-100

It would have been cool to have Kawhi Leonard.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Final - 12.21.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
Oklahoma City Thunder 21 40 24 28 113
San Antonio Spurs 21 29 26 24 100

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Well, I still don't like FIsher, and I think Reggie Jackson's quest in life is to destroy the Spurs. What is with that guy?

Oklahoma City has a good basketball team, and the Spurs couldn't get over the hump  after giving up 61 first half points. Kendrick Perkins did his team a solid and picked up five fouls, forcing the Thunder to play Steven Adams. Why does Scott Brooks insist on playing Perk so much?

Your Spurs fall to 21-6 for the season.