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GIF Breakdown: Aron Baynes' career night

With Tiago Splitter nursing with a calf injury, Baynes made the most of his opportunity last night. Aron to Pop: Unleash me, I'm ready to play real minutes.

"Keep it up, kid."
"Keep it up, kid."
Kevin C. Cox

In the latest edition of PtR's GIF breakdowns, we'll look at all seven of Aron Baynes' field goals against the Raptors. The Kiwi had a career night, going 7-of-9 from the field in 21 minutes to finish with 14 points and six rebounds. Aron made a compelling case to be included as a regular member of the Foreign Legion.

In this first GIF we find Baynes setting a screen for Manu, and Manu finds Aron with a nice bounce pass for an open no-hesitation 14-footer.


In the next one we see Baynes fighting for position against Amir Johnson while calling for the ball. He and Ginobili had quite the connection early on, and The Manu finds Aron with another nice pass, leading the big man to an easy layup.


Baynes was feeling it during the game. In this next gif, we see Aron get Jonas Valanciunas to bite just enough on a pump fake for Baynes to execute a one dribble baseline drive and finish with a reverse layup. It was on this play that I thought Baynes was going to have a special night.


Marco Belinelli, our own MIT (Manu in training), found Aron slowly working his way to the hoop for a big Baynes slam!


Here we see Baynes battle for the offensive rebound. His first tip doesn't go, but it was his night, and he was successful on his second effort.


This next one is incredible. We see Bangers subtly fake a hand-off to Manu, explode around Jonas, and finish over a cowering Steve Novak with a thunderous dunk. WOW!


In this last gif we see Manu once again find Baynes. In their third hook-up of the game, Aron grabs the Manu lob and finishes it with a little layup off the glass. Ayres shows his appreciation with a little golf clap.


The big center for Australia's National Team made his case to be a regular feature off of the bench for the Spurs. After his showing against the Raptors, the Spurs' coaching staff would be stubborn to not give him some run with the regulars during the FOGAFINI that just started. After sliding to the bottom of the frontcourt rotation, he deserves another look.