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Being Matt Bonner: You too can dress like an NBA Champion

You want to be more like Matt Bonner, but you'll never get there. You can't shoot a three from the side of your head no matter how hard you try. You can't go to Comicon. You can, however dress like Bonner, if you have the cash.

Being Matt Bonner
Being Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner is nursing a sore calf, and wasn't on the bench for Friday night's game against the Golden State Warriors. So how did he steal the show last night when he didn't even step foot on the court?

With a Ralph Lauren Corduroy jacket and alligator wing tips. That's how.

I put together a collage of Matt's ensemble that had the AT&T Center abuzz. You might not be able to pop a three like Matt, or drive an Impala like he does. But with a little coin, you can certainly dress like Matt.


While the jacket, pants and shirt are very important, it's critical to remember the socks and hair product. It's the little details that complete the look.

Don't cut corners in your quest to be Matt Bonner. You'll need it all.

Good luck.

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