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Quick Cap: Spurs fall to OKC, 94-88

The eleven-game win streak came to an end tonight at the hands of the Thunder. The team just could not get anything to fall almost the entire night. Still, the Spurs are 13-2.


The game was mostly a tight battle between two elite Western Conference teams. Reggie Jackson caught on fire in the third, and the Spurs were unable to recover.

The Thunder opened up an 11-point lead with eight and a half minutes left in the fourth. The bench was able to put together a run that cut it to three, but every time the Spurs looked like they were about to turn this one around the Thunder came up with a timely play. The shots just would not fall through the hoop tonight, though the Spurs were able to generate good looks. It was just one of those nights.

Manu had a mixture of amazing plays, and frustrating plays. In the end the Thunder made enough good plays, and the Good Guys lost the championship belt.