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Spurs vs. Pelicans GIF breakdown

This team shares the ball so well. Last night there were several great assists, as well as some classic work from Tim. Oh, and Boris dunked. Yes, with authority.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

There were a number of excellent plays in Monday's game, and now that Chris Itz is helping out with GIF creation, I'm taking the opportunity to detail some of my favorite plays from San Antonio's 11th straight win.

Here, early in the first, Tiago Splitter comes up with the offensive rebound, then finds a cutting Tony Parker with a perfect bounce-pass. Tony runs by all five Pelicans within arm's length. There's nothing like a well-timed cut to the basket to leave the defense flat footed. Also, Tony's still kinda on the quick side.


We haven't seen much of the old Tim Duncan this year. Mostly it's been just Old Tim. But last night we were treated to a pretty nice helping of Big Fun, and this is the most comfortable he's looked at the left elbow in a while.


Not only can no one in a New Orleans jersey (remember there's no such thing as a Pelicans jersey until they put the mascot's name on the front) keep up with Matt Bonner, but Marco Belinelli doesn't even have to look at the Red Mamba to thread the needle through three defenders to hit Matt in stride for the fastbreak layup. Now that's one nifty pass.

Also, notice Matt almost thought the first pass was meant for him, and had the presence of mind to quickly look around for Marco's pass. This is just such pretty basketball -- everybody on the same page, working together. Sigh.


Here's some more of Big Fun's House. Tim works the young Davis down low for the and-one. That's not a foot shuffle, it's completely due to the foul. Right? Absolutely.


How well is Marco fitting in? Shades of Manu indeed. Seriously, sometimes that 3 looks just like a 20 to me. Don't you agree. Also, look at that - Tiago absorbed the contact and finished through it. When did he learn to do that?


With 3:42 left in the third, Pop went to the reserves. This happened immediately after the substitutions. Warning to the league: this season, it's not ok to run away from Boris Diaw when he has the ball. That's just so 2012.

My favorite part of this play is the bench's response. Three guys have the exact same reaction and immediately stand to applaud, but upon witnessing the Land Walrus dunk with authority, Tiago appears to lose all muscle tone and turns into a puddle of power forward in his seat.


Your Spurs will be in Oklahoma City tomorrow night where they will put their eleven-game win-streak on the line.