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Quick Cap: Spurs machine consumes another foe; Good Guys win 112-93

The Spurs won their second consecutive blowout tonight against the visiting Pelicans. It looks, for the moment, like it will take a Herculean effort to rip away the Championship Belt from San Antonio.


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New Orleans Pelicans
@ San Antonio Spurs

Monday, Nov 25, 2013, 7:30 PM CST
AT&T Center

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During the first half of the game the Pelicans played the Spurs close for the first 16 minutes. The Spurs matched the intensity of the Pels, and kind of out of nowhere the Spurs had a 17 point halftime lead (it was so smooth, if you weren't watching the score you might not have noticed). The ball movement, off-ball movement, and stingy defense all proved to be too much for the young Pelicans.

With Tiago resting his ankle (though he was available), Ayres started the third quarter in his spot. It turns out we didn't need our fair-skinned big-man, with all of his defensive expertise, to stop New Orleans. Timmeh taught the young'n billed as the "Next Tim Duncan" a thing or two tonight, including blocking two of his shots. There is, and forever will be, only one Tim Duncan.

The Spurs bench closed the game out, and the Spurs cruised to the finish line. Look, the Pels are a talented bunch, but young and prone to mistakes. The Spurs are very good at basketball. Like Pop would say, they're not as bad as they looked tonight, and we're not as good as we looked tonight. Still, enjoy this win, as the Spurs go into OKC Wednesday in what we can assume will actually be a contest.

Your Spurs are now 13-1, have won 11 straight, and still hold the Championship Belt. Come and take it!