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Spurs demolish Cavs for 10th straight, 126-96

The San Antonio Spurs absolutely pulverized the Cleveland Cavaliers Saturday night, 126-96. The Spurs' largest lead was 43 points and this game was never in doubt. Even though it was a SEGABABA for the Spurs -- as well as a THIGAFONI -- the Silver and Black played nearly perfect basketball as they dismantled the visiting Cavs.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

As far as a recap goes, I'm not sure what to do here. The Spurs played so impressively that the game was essentially over in the first half. The Spurs began the game well -- as they have been prone to do this year -- jumping out to a 21-11 lead over Mike Brown's squad. After a timeout, the Cavaliers momentarily managed to keep the Spurs from pulling away and finished the quarter down just nine points, 30-21. (Yeah, just nine points. That should tell you something.)

To begin the second quarter, Manu scored five quick points and Patty Mills added two to make it a 14 point lead, 37-23. Brown tried to slow San Antonio with another timeout, but the Spurs were not about to be pulled into a close contest on Saturday night. Out of the break, the Spurs continued the onslaught and quickly built the lead to 25, forcing Brown to stop the action once again. From there, it was over. The Spurs continued to run and the Cavs never had a chance.

The Spurs closed the half up 33 points, 65-32. The Spurs more than doubled the Cavs' score at half! I feel like that never happens. Doubling someone's score at halftime is a rarity. I'm weird and pay attention to things that don't matter like doubling someone's score. I can tell you, it really never happens past the first quarter. I hope ESPN or someone out there let's us know just how monumental this achievement was.

If the Cavs had any thought of creeping back into the game, the Spurs put an end to it by scoring 10 points in the first two minutes of the third quarter. Tim begrudgingly walked to the bench, obviously wanting more minutes than Pop was willing to give him. The whole game became a big joke.

It was so ridiculous that this happened....


Here is Bonner's description of what transpired. In an interview with Andrew Monaco after the game, he said, "Yeah, we both kinda had the ball. It's rare when I actually get a rebound. I called an iso for me, obviously. I would have dribbled through everybody and dunked it, but, unfortunately, Tony came back and got the ball. He ruined it. I would have been number one on the top ten at ESPN."

So, that's your recap and it seems as if we have a little more time to kill. Well, let's go Game Thread Recap to finish this one up. (For those unfamiliar with a Game Thread Recap, it's where I use comments from the Game Thread to help me piece the game together in what's hopefully an entertaining way. If you want to see your name in these recaps, show up in the Game Thread and say something funny/interesting/intelligent. Or just try to predict what's going on in my mind and type that. I'll probably use it to make my point. That's your best bet. Cheers and enjoy.)

Where's Fatso?
by JohnWilSal

Out for this game :(
by Trey Felder

by Dark Black

Sprained flipper.
by sleep research facility

Oh yeah, in addition to the daunting schedule, this was a SEGABABA and THIGAFONI, the Spurs were without the Land Walrus in this one. DNP: Flipper, apparently. So, as it turns out, Boris Diaw is the reason the Spurs have been playing imperfect basketball so far. It kind of makes sense, though. The Spurs dropped 300 pounds and were visibly lighter on their feet tonight.

These Derrick Rose commercials are so depressing. Hope for a speedy recovery to Rose.
by JohnWilSal

This is no good if you're a Bulls fan. His second major injury to his other knee this time? Wow, sometimes guys are simply injury prone. Their bodies are just not capable of playing a full NBA season. It's sad when that happens, especially to someone of Rose's caliber.

Dang! Bench heating up early.
by syllabear

And late. And on time. And a few seconds before they were supposed to and a few after. And tomorrow and yesterday. And in the fourth dimension, probably in the fifth too. The bench is heating up in every possible place, time, situation, dimension, everywhere, anywhere. The bench is good. It's good. It's good man. It's good.

Can we call Danny Green, the Boa Constrictor?
by TDzilla!

No, we cannot. First, I don't even understand what that means. Second, Danny is already known as Danny Big Green, after my alma mater. Danny BIG GREEN was hot tonight, as was the entire team. Danny led the team in scoring with 17 points making six of his 10 shots, five of seven from distance. The Spurs scored 126 points shooting a scorching 57.5% from the field and 66.7% from 3-point land. Their leading scorer only had 17 points yet the Spurs scored 126 points. It's uncanny. Their 30 assists probably helped.

Remember when we were trying to figure out who our back up PG would be?
by hurts2bgood

It's now so clear that it's Patty's job that it's incredible to think that just four weeks ago the backup point guard position was a seemingly glaring hole for the Spurs. Before the season started, I didn't even care who our backup was because I thought it was going to hurt the Spurs regardless of who Pop chose. And then tone Patty Mills showed up for training camp and we haven't looked back. Mills scored 15 points hitting five of his eight shots.

I totally forgot Jarrett Jack is playing with the Cavs.
by JohnWilSal

The Cavs are not as bad as the Spurs made them look tonight. Kyrie Irving, Andrew Bynum, Tristan Thompson, Anderson Varejao and the aforementioned Jarret Jack all play in Cleveland. Obviously, they still have a lot to figure out but if they ever do, they definitely have enough talent to make the playoffs in the Leastern Conference.

The hell was that, Bonner?
by JohnWilSal

I'm not totally sure what this was in reference to, but it's a perfect lead for this next GIF.


I just thought Bonner made hilarious air quotes in his interview with Monaco and I asked for it to be GIFed. You are all very welcome. I feel like the internet is a better place with Matt's air quotes readily available for anything we feel is applicable.

Although the game feels like it's two quarters too long, I'm still at the edge of my seat waiting for a spectacular passing play.
by TD21

This team is a lot of fun to watch. The starting unit is defensively suffocating and the bench comes in with a very unique offensive flare. The bench consists of unselfish, gifted passers. You have Bili MiNelli skipping the rock around with ease. If that's not enough, Pop can add Nando or Joseph and when healthy, the Land Walrus. That's six incredible passers off the bench! No wonder they are such a joy to watch!

Next up, the Spurs will play the ridiculously named New Orleans Pelicans Monday night. For the Cavs' perspective, please visit SBNation's Fear the Sword.

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