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Quick Cap: Spurs close game out, win 102-86

It looked like the Spurs may cruise to yet another easy victory as they were up 14 at the half, but the Grizz, despite losing Gasol before halftime, weren't about to just roll over in this one. Memphis played with fire and heart, giving the Spurs just about all they could handle until the last five minutes of the game . In the end Tony Parker once again made his case for the best fourth quarter guy on the team, leading the Spurs to victory.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Final - 11.22.2013 1 2 3 4 Total
San Antonio Spurs 26 25 20 31 102
Memphis Grizzlies 21 16 28 21 86

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The second unit, led by Bili MiNelli, once again were up to their tricks. Their unselfish, team-first style of basketball is a true joy to watch. Without a doubt, they must be the most entertaining bench in the league. In fact, any combo of Diaw, Manu, Marco, Patty, and even Ayres and Bonner, rivals anyone in the league in the art of basketball. The way they move the ball, and seem to share a connection that belies their very limited time together. If you watch that group in a vacuum, you might come away thinking that they have been playing ball in pick-up games and hustling like Billy O'Hoyle since they were kids. Beautiful basketball.

Tony "fourth quarter" Parker was incredible once again. He scored only nine through the first three, but had 11 in the fourth on 4-6 from the field. This game was tight, and TP, and the whole team, shut it down in the final minutes, cruising to a misleading 16-point victory.