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Tracy McGrady and his abominably baggy pants

T-Mac had a fashion faux pas the likes of which are rarely seen on broadcast television.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Behold, my fellow £ers, the depths to which Tracy McGrady has fallen after announcing his retirement:

h/t to SBNation via @jose3030

The lanky swingman never scored a point as a San Antonio Spur. That made me sad. But not as sad as this display that occurred on NBATV.

From top of his collar to the bottom of his coat, he's doing well. Starting with a light gray suit, and an even lighter shirt paired with a pink striped tie. Yes: across the board.

But then we get to the slacks of a slacker. The pantaloons of perdition. The trousers of ... Look, these pants are simply bad, ok? There's no excuse for them at all.

As Rodger Sherman said:

Either a) Tracy McGrady, who made $162 million off of NBA contracts in his career -- not including endorsements or foreign contracts -- and is presumably paid handily to appear on television -- does not own a suit of his own that fits or b) NBATV, whose on-air talent features several people of McGrady's height or taller, did not have any suits on hand for a 6'8 person.. Or some combination of those two.

But the issue is that the suit jacket fits him. It could even be tailored. Look at the cut around the shoulders which is usually a dead giveaway where hand-me-down formal wear is concerned. And look at the cuffs which come to his wrist as his arms are bent at the elbow. All of that is fine. Even more than fine.

And then there's those britches. How can he even walk in them? It seems like they'd unspool into a mass of fabric as soon as he lifted a foot to take a step. I just don't get it. If you go to a nice restaurant that requires a jacket, I understand that one will be loaned to you if necessary. But I've never heard of that happening with slacks.

I'm just at a loss. Who can help me out with what happened here?

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