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GIF: Danny Green takes advantage of Sixers defense

It's easy being Green when you get looks this open.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Danny Green's return to form was aided by a mindless Sixers defense that allowed him to cakewalk into the lane and back to his spot for one of his five three-pointers. For a guy who normally works so hard to get open, this look must've been a pleasant surprise. It's never a good sign if you can't tell if a defense is playing man or zone, and this was one of the many cases of the Spurs exploiting the Sixers' lack of discipline.

The Tar Heel had another great game, leading the team with 18 points (on 6 of 9 shooting) and continuing his Moses Malone impression with another seven boards.


[Editor's note: It's as if Green takes Evan Turner for a walk, and drops him off at the basket. In fact, this is fun to watch if you just ignore Green and watch #12, Turner, for the entire run of the GIF.

It's hilarious because it's not clear by the end of the play whether Turner ever realizes that the man who shot the ball was his responsibility.

The only thing I can figure is that Turner thought Danny was setting up in the corner. Anyone have any other theories? -J.R. Wilco]

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