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GIF: Pick-and-roll leads to Diaw's laser pass to Tiago

The Spurs' execution of their half-court offense helped them go up early in Philadelphia.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

How do you beat a scrappy young squad that's already stunned a number of playoff teams, including the defending champs? Slow the game down and wait for the openings in the defense to reveal themselves.

Just like in the Knicks game, the Spurs came out firing on all cylinders against the Sixers, getting off to a 31-13 lead after the first quarter. Most of the offense came in the half court, off simple defensive collapses by Philly.

This play came just two minutes into the game, as a typical pick-and-roll between Tony and Tiago results in the D all converging on the left side. Once Tony passes it back to Diaw, the options are already opening up and Diaw, keeping his head up, is ready to exploit the breakdown. Spencer Hawes, who's slowly but surely turning into Jackie Moon, is late to get back on Splitter, and Evan Turner simply retreats back on Kawhi.

Diaw collects the ball and immediately fires it to Tiago underneath for the easy slam.


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