Super Fan for a day: one Pounder's experience


Last Wednesday night, thanks to the tickets I bought through PtR, a buddy and I got a chance to experience what it was like to be a Super Fan. I’d first like to warn you that if you are looking for superb game analysis or statistics feel free to read the recaps by J. Gomez, Aaronstampler, or San Antonio Red Raider. This is merely an attempt to document my Super Fan experience.

We got to the arena around five and managed to run into to J.R.Wilco within the first five minutes of getting there. By five thirty, there were over a hundred £ers rushing into the AT&T Center. This is also when we got the pleasure of meeting Danny Farias, the guy who set up the whole PtR ticket package.


Being courtside and watching the warmups was amazing. After getting some great seats, we were prepared to watch our boys get started. Unfortunately, we were treated to five minutes of Tony Allen’s jumpshots -- pure torture for someone who’s been watching the products of Chip England’s shooting expertise.



After that we were thankfully relocated, albeit to a much further seat, and got to see Timmeh’s warmup, followed by Kawhi’s 10-for-10 free-throw shutdown. We were then ushered back to our seats when Danny informed me that I was selected to be one of the Super Fans for tonight’s game. I was whisked back up to the front, given a T-shirt, and then sat ON the Spurs bench with five other Super Fans, including one of J.R.Wilco’s many jrwlings.

My First Project (via MrHnathani)


After about 15 minutes on the bench I then got to stand at the baseline and watch some of the last-minute stuff that goes on pregame: some light horseplay from Tony Parker; Tim and Tony getting focused on the bench; Tiago taking some last-minute shots. Then it was time for the player introductions and yours truly was placed in the line to high-five the players as they were introduced. [ Side note: GOAT PUFF only respects the pound. No high-fives] Definitely a great moment in a long history of great moments given to me by the Spurs.



Honestly, I thought that was it. I mean, how much more can I expect from an experience? Fortunately, I ran into Danny again, at half-time and he invited me to attend a small interview with Scott Layden, assistant GM of the Spurs. After making our way down into the depths of the AT&T Center, we entered a nice suite and met a bunch of Spurs higher-ups. Then Mr. Layden gave us a small presentation on the Spurs first half before letting us out back to the game.

Interview (via MrHnathani)

All in all this was a fantastic experience and I urge everyone to try and attend the next one of these £er specials. It is a great way to get a small look behind the scenes of your Spurs.

Top three notes from the Game

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