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Behold the GIF Oracle

The brains at the SB Nation Mother Ship rolled out a new vice for our consumption yesterday. Have fun with this, but please enjoy the GIF Oracle responsibly.

Let's do this again real soon.

(Please imagine the Sham Wow guy reading this aloud to you)

Who doesn't love a good GIF?  I make them all the time! Problem is, when you're in a bind it would be nice to have some sort of GIF genie that could just make a GIF appear to accentuate your comment within seconds.  A good GIF can really make the people understand how strongly you feel about a subject, but you don't always have time to search the entire Internet for just the right one.  Well now you can!

For example, if you're describing Tony Parker to someone who's never seen him play, you'd love to summon this with the snap of your fingers:


Or if you're explaining a vicious block by Red Raider and San Antonio's own Jace Amaro, you could post this and make everybody cry!


Unfortunately you just don't have the time. Of course GIFs can change the tone of a conversation and you can really spice up a Game Day thread with a few well placed GIFs. If only there was a way!

But wait, now there is!

The GIF oracle is live and here's what it does!

The GIF Oracle works to bring sports gifs of exceptional quality into SB Nation comment threads.

The GIF Oracle can reply to your comment with a GIF from its database. You can request a GIF from a specific category or just request a random GIF. To request a GIF from The GIF Oracle simply post a comment that says "@oracle gif me" or "@oracle gif me (category name)". Find out all of the available gif categories here.

The GIF Oracle is a living database. As new GIFs are discovered, either through SB Nation's This Week In GIFs series or elsewhere, the best ones will be added to the Oracle. When appropriate, new categories and pages will be created.

If you know of a particular GIF that you believe merits inclusion to the GIF Oracle, please email the GIF Oracle. Please note that doctored GIFs are ineligible for consideration. This is a place for unadulterated athletic spectacle.

Now for a few tips from the boring attorneys at the end of the Sham Wow commercial.

1. The GIF oracle will respond to anything, but it only really makes sense when you ask the oracle to create a GIF from one of these categories. This will be an ever expanding database, that means it'll only get better. I strongly encourage you to summon GIFs from the available categories.

2. Like any good vice, the Oracle is best consumed in moderation.  A few well placed GIFs will liven up any thread, but a thread full of random GIFs can get as rowdy as The White Rabbit when Poison comes to town.

3. For this post though, LET'S BINGE ON SOME GIFS.

4. If you eat the Sham Wow, you will die. So don't eat it.

Happy oracling.