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Spurs holding fan spirit contest for opening night tickets

Be on the lookout for the Spurs RV for your chance to win tickets to opening night vs. the Memphis Grizzlies

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We all love free stuff, especially when it comes to seeing the San Antonio Spurs live. Fortunately, the Spurs have decided to hook up fans to celebrate opening night.

Starting Sunday and leading up to Wednesday night's opener, the Spurs RV, the Coyote and Silver Dancers will be out around the city looking for fans in silver and black. Your first chance comes Sunday, when the Spurs RV will be at the 13th Floor Haunted House on Commerce near I-37/US 281. Your second chance comes just a day later at Downtown's Main Plaza between Noon and 1 p.m. The Spurs RV will be there with a ton of food trucks. Again, wear your silver and black and also eat some awesome, unhealthy food while you're at it.

If you have tickets to Wednesday's home opener, especially if you're taking your kids to the game, get to the Bud Light Courtyard early for a Spurs inspired Halloween contest. You'll get your chance to win an autographed Tony Parker basketball or some seat upgrades (give me the seat upgrades). If I had a kid, I'd dress him or her up in a Manu Ginobili jersey, with a Batman mask. I'd get extra creative by drawing a bald spot on the back of the mask. For the adults, try to find one of the head hugger aliens mask from the Alien series (to honor his scary big hands). Pair that with a Kawhi Leonard jersey and BAM, you've got yourself a perfect Spurs Halloween costume. Another fun idea, a Cory Joseph jersey or t-shirt jersey and a Canadian tuxedo. Feel free to steal these idea Pounders, it'll probably get you some free stuff. Contest starts at 6:45 p.m.