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Pregame diss rap response: vs Bobcats

Ed note: This is in response to Ben Swanson's "Bobcats pregame diss rap: vs Spurs"

Okay so I see you over there, Rufus on Fire /

talking mad ish /

by the time I'm done with this you'll be calling, "cease fire!" /

Did I just rhyme "fire" with "fire"? /

I know my rap game is something to be desired /

but at least when my Center stands up he doesn't get tired /

Yeah, Boris Diaw might love the cake /

but its not our team that lost 16-straight /

Okay I understand it, your team can't ball /

and filling up the seats is something that aint y'all /

So lock up this game, don't call the warden /

And don't rap back until your owner aint Michael Jordan