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Tim Duncan wants to make your car or truck AWESOME

What else would you expect from a four-time NBA champion besides opening a vehicle customization shop?

It's an old story: boy has a dream, boy grows into man, man works hard, man wins NBA championships and numerous accolades, then man achieves his dream of opening a car and truck customization shop in San Antonio.

Because that was the next step, obviously.

From the Spurs press release:

A passion for cars has turned into a second career for San Antonio Spurs forward Tim Duncan. The four-time NBA Champion has opened BlackJack Speed Shop at 9617 Huebner Road in San Antonio. BlackJack is a car and truck customization shop featuring a 4,000 square foot showroom and an 8,000 square foot shop with 10 bays. The business is a one-stop shop that provides everything from wheels and tires to performance upgrades to lift kits to complete rebuilds.

"I’m very pleased with how BlackJack turned out," said Duncan. "It took several years to design and build. The feel of the showroom and the shop is great, I think we’ve created an environment that car lovers will enjoy. My business partner, Jason Pena, has put together an amazing team. The end result is we offer high quality, state-of-the-art car service while providing excellent customer service. I’m confident that Blackjack can handle any project a car enthusiast could dream up and that’s exciting for me."

BlackJack offers numerous unique features including an interactive wheel-builder, in-house fabrication and state-of-the-art mounting and balancing machines. The shop is open from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Saturday.

I'm sure we'll have more to come on this, but in the meanwhile, enjoy the B.J.S.S website, and the tricked-out logo below (be sure to notice the spade hidden in the flames that replace the first "A" in Black Jack).