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Spurs Get By Hawks, 98-93

Kevin C. Cox

Okay, so here's the thing. I hosted a birthday party tonight and totally forgot that I had recap responsibilities.Well, I'm in big trouble. I watched the game but definitely do not have one-thousand words on it. Normally, I take notes throughout the game so I have something to talk to you about.

I was seriously panicking until I realized that you all just recapped it for me. So, for the first time ever, the following is a recap that is as bad as you wrote it. In the immortal words of DeJuan, "LOL!!!" (My comments will be in the parenthesis.)

Hello! Hello! Hello! Ayatollah

What's up people! Bill and Sean just said a couple minutes ago Duncan will sit out tonight RG8907

(That totally sucks. I was disappointed by this news. I really wanted to see Tim and am pretty sure that I'm going to sue EVERYONE. By the way, the guy that is suing the Spurs is totally Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad, right? Right? Click this. It's fantastic.)

TRADE HIM!!! nicolaspursfan88

(Nicolas wants to trade Tim Duncan. I don't get it. Nicolas, how dare you.)

Howdy y'all TX2NC


Splitter must lead the NBA in reverse layups. TrooperJoe73

(Only if DeJuan is leading the NBA in most ghost mentions.)

josh smith is having his way with leonard so far kenshinsama

(Take it back, Kenshinama. I don't even know you. How presumptuous)

no timmy = blair and bonner play TX2NC

(Blair Playing Time = Ghost * love + sublime - 15,000 words)

so, who is the best big man passer in the NBA? I think, Boris Kondor

(I agree completely. Boris is incredible and seems to be giving a shit for the first time in a long time.)

I think the league will start catching on about the Spurs signing Olympians. TrooperJoe73

(Trooper was talking about Nando here. Nando is awesome. If he doesn't start for the Spurs at some point, he'll start for someone. I love watching him play.)

Bonner playing so much better this year IMO, and is buried on the bench SpursFanTN

(I thought more of you until I read this nonsense. -145.)

I barely have time to watch Spurs games so I don't get to see most of these teams very often. It's interesting to see how some teams have more athleticism than Spurs, but not discipline, familiarity, system or whatever, and we out match them, but they are scary. Other teams have guys with more talent, like OKC. Scary. Other teams have bruisers, Utah, Memphis. Scary. Atlanta doesn't seem to have any of that. They totally seem to be completely outclassed. SpursFanTN

(Never mind. You are totally correct. This is my recap.)

Yo, guys! I'm so disappointed. I turned on the TV to watch Duncan and Ginobili, and instead I see Bonner taking threes. I think the Spurs owe me something. LatinD

(LatinD, gingers are people too. One would think you owe Bonner an apology. Luckily for you, he has no soul. So you do not owe him anything.)

Blair was comfortable with his starting spot, allowed himself to gain weight and just coast, until he lost his starting spot, and decided to workout this offseason. I think Bonner was comfortable with his role. Now he is buried at the end of the bench and he training really hard. He told the season ticket holders he even works out on game days now because he isn't playing SpursFanTN

(You mentioned Blair and THE ghost will now haunt you. LOL!!!)

Hey, guys! The communists are the enemy again! LatinD

(I totally agree.)

not a good start to the half. anirontag

two words: Korean Komiks Kondor

Yep. It's LD's fault CapHill

no doubt. the guy is a mavsfan Kondor

(LatinD is a Mavs fan.)

Are you kidding me? Am I dreaming right now? Am I watching Nascar?! What is wrong with me?!! LatinD

(All is well. Good to have you back, Latin D.)

Arrived just in time to see Hawks get the lead. I was settling in and it's a 7 pt lead for the good guys. I hope we win, I need to revisit a good part of the game I missed. TD21

(Hawks fought us the entire game. They were feisty.)

I'm really not surprised at all by Bonner. I've seen him enough to know he has more game than most realize. It's just a matter of him getting the playing time and the right spots at the right time against the right opponent SpursfanNrome

(Says the guy that has never rooted for him in the playoffs. Just know this, gnome, Bonner will miss when it matters most. I've talked myself into him 5 times now and have been burned 5 times. Trust me, bet against him.)

Bonner can do anything and everything. He should be the only one taking our shots LatinD

(Apparently, I hate LD.)

Yup. Bonner is playing good D. betsy.duncan2

(Betsy, how dare you. That's an attack. I now hate you.)

Hehe. I love Bonner. Just hearing everybody saying get it to Bonner after all of the horrible things said about him on this site is just so funny. SpursFanTN

(Bonner is the worst addictive drug on the market. He makes you feel good in the short term, but long term he kills your potential.)

Glad the Spurs won, but boy did we miss Timmeh and his rebounding tonight. CapHill

No kidding. LatinD

(No kidding)

In conclusion, everyone is way too optimistic when it comes to Matt Bonner. The Spurs won a close one tonight without TIm Duncan, 98-93. It was a true team effort, as was this recap.