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Matt Bonner needs to be in the 3 Point Contest - #LetBonnerShoot

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Bonner, the Spurs lovable Forward from New Hampshire is always tagged with the title "3 point threat". The phrase is practically a part of his name. Matt "3 point threat" Bonner. We know him as the "Red Rocket" and around PtR, "Winter Shoes". But beyond his extremely likable personality and conservative corduroy sport coats, he has been among the NBA's best 3 point shooters for nearly all eight of his seasons in the league. As his brother, Luke Bonner points out, he's led the league in 3 point percentage before, and stands 12th all time in 3 point percentage.

Yet for being so incredible beyond the arc, he's never participated in All Star festivities, namely the Three-Point Shootout. The Three-Point Shootout is where you'd expect to see the league's best 3 point shooters compete. Yet in 2011, the year Bonner led the league in 3 point field goal %, Kevin Durant, Daniel Gibson, Paul Pierce participated, yet weren't even ranked in the top 20 in the league in the category.

OK I get it, All Star Weekend is a popularity contest and it's where the NBA markets its talent in front of the world saying "this is the best we've got." But why would the league not want to show case Bonner? Because he plays for a small market? Spare me. Matt Bonner is what the league should want its players to be like: not flashy, highly skilled, down-to-Earth and disciplined players. Sure beats the heck out of another cereal scandal.

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