How Andray Blatche got away from the Spurs

It is disheartening to hear ESPN rave about Andray Blatche of the Nets as one of the NBA's most improved players In today's ESPN NBA Insider. I spent last summer scratching my head over why the Spurs wouldn't take a chance on a low risk/high reward player like Blatche who always had NBA talent but underachieved for the Washington Wizards. Because things went sour in DC, we could have gotten him for cheap. What's even more maddening is that he had expressed interest in the Spurs.

Blatche has exactly the kind of size and skill on both ends that the Spurs desperately lack. Most of the time, our execution and teamwork can cover up this weakness, but against the top echelon teams, especially in our recent losses, our warts are for the world to see.

Pardon me if I don't share the same enthusiasm for the recent signing of a center from Australia. We actually entertained signing Eddy Curry, but couldn't roll the dice on Blatche, whose much younger and still has upside? How does this keep happening? Of course, we'll make the playoffs and be a title contender, but I'm talking about getting a difference maker who can help regain one more title before the glorious Tim Duncan Era is over. Am I alone on this one?

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