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Rest-gate lands Spurs in legal hot water

According to the Whirlwide Liter the Spurs are being sued for Pop sending the Big Three And One home early instead of allowing them to play against the Heat in late November.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

So let me get this right: a Miami-area lawyer by the name of Larry McGuinness bought a ticket to the November 29th Spurs @ on the resale market and is so injured by not being able to witness Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Danny Green suit up against the Heat that he's filed a class action suit against the Spurs because Gregg Popovich "intentionally and surreptitiously" sent home four fifths of his starting lineup at the time.

He claims that there's a class of people who "suffered economic damages" for paying a higher than normal price for a ticket to see San Antonio. He justifies his case with the curious logic that just because San Antonio led the Heat through most of the game and nearly beat them, doesn't mean that a game featuring those sent home couldn't have been better. And the metaphor he used to rationalize his suit is as follows:

It was like going to Morton's Steakhouse and paying $63 for porterhouse and they bring out cube steak. That's exactly what happened here.

To begin with, there are so many different questions that I have. The suit is against Pop, but was he the one who charged a premium for the game, or was that the Miami Heat's decision? The home team doesn't share revenue with the visitors, does it? Does his assertion about the possibility of a different game being better have any kind of support in the law? Doesn't every single contest inherently carry the possibility of being better or worse than every other? If so, does that mean that there could be a legal precedent for suits against teams that have quit on their coach, or coaches who refuse to play fan favorites? And does this case have any chance at all, or is he just hoping for a quick settlement so he can cash in?

Alright, with the serious questions out of the way, it's probably time to mock the situation as a whole, and this guy particularly. So, Mr. McGuinness, would you feel differently if Pop had sent Tim, Tony, Danny and Manu home accidentally and publicly? While that would have admittedly been quite a trick, if he'd been able to pull it off would you no longer have felt compelled to bring this suit?

I'm sure that when the media storm exploded all over the original story, the guys who dressed out for the Spurs and came within a single rebound of putting away the Heat, must have felt a bit like chopped liver. But who could have known at the time that they were more closely comparable to cube steak? Not to mention that if you work for the public relations firm that's employed by Morton's Steakhouse, you're currently assuring your client that free publicity like this isn't something to waste.

Finally, what are the odds that some reporter will ask Pop about this at his next pre-game press conference? And what's should the over/under be on the number of words in his reply?