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San Antonio's greatest comeback

In cooperation with the other NBA blogs of SBNation, we're taking part in Comeback Day and taking a look at the Spurs' most impressive and significant comeback.

Before the Spurs had ever hoisted the Larry O'Brien trophy, as the team's championship pedigree was in its infancy, San Antonio faced an 18 point fourth quarter deficit in the playoffs against the Portland Trailblazers. What happened next was what I consider the best comeback in the history of the franchise.

I'd be happy to go into all the details, but that's been done so well, so creatively, and so recently by DrumsInTheDeep, that I'm going to punt this one to him. In the past. Literally.

Read his excellent Midnight in San Antonio if you haven't before, and read it again if you have. Here's an excerpt:

As you all know, it wasn't over. The Spurs clawed their way back thanks to sensational play from David Robinson and a young Tim Duncan (then in his second year in the league) but it's Sean Elliott who became immortal. With the crowd screaming their lungs out, goofy pink "Go Spurs Go" signs waving everywhere...

So, go get your nostalgia on, and then feel free to come back here to comment on your memories of the Memorial Day Miracle, and whether you feel that another game deserves the title of Greatest Comeback.