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A Stroll Down Memory Lane: Blog-Style

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"My people call it 'sarcasm'."

And just like that, a classic PtR quote was born. Posted by longtime £er Lauri with her usual wit and verve (if you're reading this, girl, we miss you!), she succinctly outlined the modus operandi of communication here on Pounding the Rock. Which leads me to the core of this post; a quick linkfest-heavy stroll down memory lane intended to inspire you to use the comments section to contribute your own favorite moments.

Fair warning, if you're going to come to this party, you'll need your sarcasmometer. I hope for your sake it's not on the fritz, in which case you'll need to keep several grains of salt ready to take, in order to avoid taking offense where none was intended. So, with that preamble, let's get to it.

[Note from the editor: we often go link heavy in our posts, and I often find that people just read the piece and don't take the time to read the funny stuff that's referenced for your additional amusement. So, this time at least, trouble yourself to right click each link below, and choose "open in a new tab" so that you can cruise through the hilarity that CapHill has so graciously compiled for your benefit. Believe me, it's certainly worth the time. Also, most of the links point to previous conversations in the comments section that build to a crescendo, so don't bounce away if they don't immediately cause you to GOL. - jrw]

Fair warning to you all, a standard sarcasmometer will not work on PTR, unless you like changing out the fuses every week. That's why I recommend a heavy duty model. However, even the best sarcasmometer in the world won't help you decipher the written word if you don't turn it on. So, let's all remember to take everyone's comments as though they're intended to amuse, while assuming he/she/it is appropriately exercising their sense of humor. Now, this does not give anyone a license to ignore the Community Guidelines, but before shooting back a scathing reply, try to view the offending comment through the lens of a socially-awkward engineer (there are enough of us on this site) who doesn't know any better. Hopefully, this will prevent any kerfuffles in the comments (like one or two I've noticed recently) and enable us to get through the final days of the off-season in harmony and goodwill.

Since we are waiting NBA season to start (and as I rue the day I bought season tickets for college football), let's kill some time by posting our favorite PtR comments, threads, and posts below. Heck, consider this a precursor to training camp and post whatever makes you laugh. To get you in the mood, I give you my two favorite cranky old farts: