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France-Nigeria 79-73

France started this totally insignificant game seriously... However the score might evolve, Nigeria never had a chance. Boris scored, passed and rebounded. 23-10 at the quarter.

Team France's reserves played the second quarter... Bad news! 26-19 three minutes later. So... Captain Boris went back in to lend a hand (he can afford to burn a few calories) 38-26... and 41-30 at the half.


I wonder if Team France expects too much from Baback. Every time he gets the ball, you can see the others looking to him for "something good". ... But the adversary knows that Boris is the center-point, and targets him even when he doesn't have the ball. Boris is an advantage for the team, but he must not be essential.

Third quarter, the starters returned, to witness the crazy shooting of Oguchi, bringing the score even at 44. Not to worry... Boris keeps passing, the others keep shooting... 54-54 after three quarters...

Back and forth. Nigeria wanting a prestige victory... France wanting to avoid injury... and embarassement. Oguchi gets his eighth three!

Finally, Boris left the others to it. Nico and Kevin maintained a small spread... Final score 79-73.

Oguchi 35!