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Project Spurs: Lorbek to remain in Spain

According the ProjectSpurs Erazem Lorbek is re-signing with Barcelona and will remain in Spain. Some have suggested that Lorbek was more of a Plan B for the Spurs as the team would prefer a more defensive minded and physical big man to pair with Duncan.

I thought that Lorbek might be a better version of Matt Bonner and would allow the Spurs to move the Florida product. It appears that is unlikely as Lorbek appears to be staying in Spain where he recent built a new home and according to reports does not want to move his family.

This is just another move that San Antonio will not be making this off-season. As I mentioned, I thought Lorbek would free the Spurs to move Bonner in a deal. At this point it looks like Bonner is here for the foreseeable future and the Spurs will likely never see Lorbek in South Texas.

What are your thoughts? Should the Spurs have tried harder to get Lorbek?

Hat tip to Alamo.