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Spurs News: Parker Cleared for Olympics

Based on a story from Sports Illustrated, via the AP, Tony Parker has been cleared by both the Spurs and France to play in the Olympic Games.

"It is great news and a relief for the whole France team," coach Vincent Collet said. "I spoke with Tony on the phone and he sounded very happy - and also relieved - about this development. It was a difficult and alarming situation for everyone."

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This is obviously good news. It seems that Parker's eye is good to go. Obviously the Spurs were all over this and even Pop gave his blessing, assuming the story is accurate. Let's hope that there are no lingering effects of the cut on Tony's eye and he can play well at the Olympics.

In other news the French team is looking to get Hasheem Thabeet to sign an offer sheet which the Knicks will probably match.