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Danny Green's good mood

Danny Green figures to be a big part of San Antonio's future.
Danny Green figures to be a big part of San Antonio's future.

Danny Green is a pretty happy dude these days. Not that he wasn't before, but there's probably something about a contract you sign which entitles you to $12 million that can put a guy in a good mood. And maybe "entitled" is the wrong word in this situation, as he's certainly earned it with his work ethic and on-court performance. It's a reward for a job well done but also a result of the front office's expectations going forward. And if you're wondering if that drive will wane with the new contract, early returns show that's not the case. While some NBA players make their appearances in bro tanks and hipster glasses, Green emerged from inside the arena on Wednesday in sweaty workout clothes. Even here in Vegas, the Spurs' newly re-signed swingman isn't taking days off.

Green's putrid performance is still on the minds of most Spurs fans, but his play during the rest of the season not only earned him a nice payday, it solidified San Antonio's rotation and provided support during LWM. While there's probably a ceiling to his game that isn't too far off, the skill set he brings is invaluable in the Spurs' system. He's a pressure valve that can still improve in that capacity. If he continues to make a mark defensively and hit 40 percent of his threes, the contract will be well worth it. Though the mid-range and in-close game isn't a major part of his arsenal, it's the area he most needs to develop going forward, especially once more offensive responsibility falls on his shoulders.

We saw what Danny Green can do during his breakout season last year, so this post doesn't come as news to many of you. But that wasn't really the point of writing this. Green's skill set is an important one for any team in the league, so it's great for the continuity of San Antonio's roster that the Spurs were able to retain him.

And if you're worried about complacency that comes with a few extra dollars in the bank account, don't be. He never misses a chance to get better at playing this game.

Listen to his interview from Wednesday here.

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