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Spurs Free Agent News and Free Agency Tracker


Free agency is upon us and with it all sorts of rumors are starting to appear, some even including our beloved Spurs. Some links to stories that might be fabricated for page views after the jump.

Spurs news

Let's start with the Spurs. PATFO is making the rounds, doing their due diligence early on. So far, the Spurs are reported to be among the teams interested in Ersan Ilyasova (link), Marcus Camby (link) and yes, Josh Howard (link). The way to get Ilyasova would be a sign-and-trade which makes it extremely unlikely. Turk Nowitzky has said in the past that he will play for whoever offers him the most money and that's not the Spurs. Camby and Howard are veterans that presumably could be had for cheap, making them more likely, if less appealing, targets.

As far as the Spurs' own free agents, Danny Green is getting interest from Utah and Boston. He's a restricted free agent, which means the Spurs can match any offer he gets but we'll have to see what happens. Patty Mills and Boris Diaw don't seem to be getting much attention yet, which is fine by me.

Spurs update:

Nando De Colo is in San Antonio right now getting a physical before beginning contract negotiations with the team, according to the official French National Team's twitter account. The French combo guard the Spurs selected with the 53rd pick in the 2009 draft could be on his way to the States. More information as it becomes available. Hat tip to Project Spurs.

Around the league

The Dwight Howard soap opera continues with Dwight saying that he'll only re-sign with the Nets.

Speaking of the Nets, they and Crash Wallace have agreed to a 4 years, $40 million deal. That might make it easier for them to re-sign Deron, who has narrowed his choices to Dallas and Brooklyn.

The Rockets are shopping Luis Scola, with the Nets showing some interest. It wouldn't hurt to ask Houston what they want for him. Kyle Lowry and Kevin Martin are also on the block. They signed Omer Asik to an offer sheet worth $25 million over 3 years. They needed a center and they had to overpay slightly to get one. Let's see if the Bulls match.

The Trail Blazers signed Roy Hibbert to an offer sheet for the max. Will the Pacers match? It's pretty likely but with Hibbert and Hill back on board, they'll have less flexibility to make moves. Maybe we can stop dreaming about getting him now, Spurs fans?

Our old friend George Hill, as I mentioned, has agreed with the Pacers on a 5 year deal. The details about the money involved are not available yet.

Andre Miller is reportedly re-signing with the nuggets for 3 more years. No more details are available at the time. I know some Pounders liked him, but it wasn't meant to be.

Blake Griffin is expected to sign a max extension with the Clippers while Chris Paul will wait it out and re-sign for more after his contract is up. Or he could choose to leave as a free agent, which would be hilarious.

The Timberwolves are reportedly interested in Nic Batum and Brandon Roy. The Batum deal would be for around $45 million over 4 years. The offer sheet is not signed yet but depending on whether they get Hibbert or not, the Blazers will probably match. The Wolves are the only team willing to extend Roy a 2-year offer.

The Raptors reportedly offered Steve Nash a 3 year, $36 million contract, because why not? Don't get me wrong, Nash can still play, but that's a lot of money. He'll surely put butts on those seats, though. The Suns, on the other hand, are only offering around $6 mill over 2 years, according to reports. If it's true, he's likely gone.

A trade is reportedly completed between the Clippers, Mavs, Jazz and Rockets. The Jazz get Mo Williams, the Clipper get Odom, the Rockets get the rights to Furkan Aldemir and the Mavs a huge trade exception. Odom could be waived since his contract is only partially guaranteed. Solid trade for all teams involved.

Update: Multiple sources report the Nets and the Hawks have agreed to a trade that would send Joe Johnson to Brooklyn for Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Williams, Johan Petro, a signed-and-traded DeShawn Stevenson and a lottery-protected first rounder form the Rockets. It's a clear-cut salary dump for the Hawks and a sign that the Nets are tired of waiting for Dwight Howard, whose arrival just become more unlikely.

Update 2: it's a fire sale! The Hawks sent Marvin Williams to the Jazz for Devin Harris. Danny Ferry is doin' work, cleaning up past mistakes within the Hawks front office. The Jazz were desperate for quality wings and they got one that can defend and hit an open shot.

Update 3: The Celtics are finalizing a deal with Jason Terry for the full MLE. That's $15 million over 3 years. Any deal that means the Spurs won't have to suffer Terry's buffoonery more than twice a year is fine by me. The Celtics hateability index is off the charts right now, with Eugene joining the newly signed Kevin Garnett in Beantown.

Update 4: Deron Williams has agreed to a 5 year, $100 million extension with the Brooklyn Nets. Williams-Johnson-Wallace-Teletovic/Evans-Lopez is a top 4 team in the East. If they somehow manage to add Howard, they instantly become a favorite to win the championship next season.

Update 5: And in the traditional Deux es Machina move that vaults them back to contention, the Lakers have come out of nowhere and traded the Lamar Odom trade exception, 2 first round picks and 2 second round picks for Steve Nash. Nash will sign a 3-year deal that will pay him in excess of $25 million.

This is far from a comprehensive list, since things are happening constantly but it's a start. If you hear rumors, include them in the comments. I'll update it as things progress.