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Could the Spurs land Luis Scola?

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Recently, the Houston Rockets used their amnesty provision on 6' 9" forward Luis Scola. Most of the media has come to the conclusion that the Rockets let Scola go to get themselves closer to Dwight Howard. Whether or not it works, time will only tell.

But what does this mean for Scola?

Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie recently made a good point I would like to reiterate. The teams who would normally go after Scola can't get him. Miami Heat don't need him. Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls can't afford him. And two teams that matter immediately to the Spurs, the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder, don't need him. So why not the Spurs?

One possibility could be to trade DeJuan Blair for picks and cash, to clear space. We've all come to the conclusion that Blair isn't happy in San Antonio, and rightfully so, after being benched in two consecutive playoff runs. The Spurs clearing themselves of Blair would add around $1m to the bank. Why not continue and amnesty Matt "I don't know how the playoffs work" Bonner, who is owed roughly $3.6m? The Spurs have enough 3-point threats to spread the floor, and with the Spurs front office getting more and more desperate as the Tim Duncan-era comes to a close, why risk another annual playoff disappearing act by Bonner?

Look, Matt Bonner is a great player. He plays better defense than people give him credit for, and when his shot is on, it's on. But when the playoffs come along--you know, the most important part of the entire season, else the rest is a waste--the Spurs are automatically down one key role player when Bonner goes into hibernation. At least with Scola you get the guaranteed 15/6 games every time. And how much would 15 points (and not to mention great passable post defense) help, especially these last two playoff runs?

If no one claims him off waivers, I say "Pull the trigger, Pop and R.C."