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Spurs draft diary

Matt Bonner with his patented jump hook. Err, maybe not patented. I dunno.
Matt Bonner with his patented jump hook. Err, maybe not patented. I dunno.

And so it begins... Yet another night of basically believing the opposite of any information you might hear about the Spurs on draft night. Or you can believe it. It's whatever. The fact is, year after year, as Spurs fans, we have no clue what to expect. So here we go. Will Blair and/or Bonner be gone? Will San Antonio move up? Sullinger a Spur? I guess we'll see...

But for now, Anthony Davis is a Hornet.

6:42 p.m. CST - So the Hornets take Davis. Broussard still sucks. Stern got booed. Nothing unexpected.

6:45 - Two kids from same school taken at No. 1 and No. 2 overall for the first time in league history. Whatever. That's cool. By the end of like 2015 there'll be 82 UK Wildcats in the NBA. Or something like that.

6:46 - So we can all rule out a Spurs move into the top 5 right? Then again, it was probably never going to happen.

6:48 - There goes Beal.

6:49 - A bored contingent of San Antonio media now pressuring Spurs PR staff to divulge trade information. It's not working, but the beer is now being busted out.

6:53 - So, how do people feel about Jared Sullinger?

6:56 - Dion Waiters teaches us pre-draft workouts mean nothing. Or something like that. The dude barely does anything for potential employers and gets drafted at No. 4.

7:05 - Welp. The Nets would love that No. 6 pick right about now, eh? I hope they had a whole ton o' fun with Gerald Wallace for a couple of weeks.

7:12 - Ya know, the Warriors don't look all that bad on paper. Harrison Barnes should be a nice fit. Roster looks decent, but that training staff will have its work cut out. (See: Bogut, Curry)

7:21 - Andrew McNeill of 48 Minutes of Hell, just now - "(San Antonio) hasn't really hit up Africa yet. If (the Spurs) draft somebody whose name I can pronounce I'll be sorely disappointed."

7:41 - So the Hornets are going to be fun to watch. Davis, Rivers, Gordon, Jack, Belinelli, Aminu, Ayon, oops, I meant Ayon. They're going to be pushing the final playoff spot in the west.

7:43 - There's a pool going around in the room on what time San Antonio Express-News' Jeff McDonald actually shows up here. Mike Monroe set the over/under at 7:48 p.m. He's not here yet. Andrew McNeill and Mike Monroe the only guys who picked the over.

7:48 - This can't be made up. Monroe set the over/under for McDonald's arrival at 7:48. Guess what time he just walked in?

8:00 - There's just nothing going on here right now. All's quiet on Spurs front.

8:02 - Chris Broussard let's us know that teams are looking for talent. OK. That's neat.

8:11 - None of the last 35 players the Mavericks originally drafted are on their current roster? That's a wild stat.

8:21 - Still no Sullinger. Falling. Falling....falling............falling.

8:34 - Perry Jones III is still there, along with Sullinger. Wow. Come on Spurs!!!

8:35 - There are literally two people asleep at the Spurs draft watch "party."

8:45 - Sullinger, Melo: two guys I REALLY hoped might be a Spur after tonight. I wonder how attainable PJ III is right now.

8:49 - Once again, there is NOTHING afoot right now here at Spurs HQ. It's like this every year, but we all still wish for possibilities to form. It's too quiet here right now.

8:58 - Has there only been one international player taken thus far? That's weird. They were all taken last year when the Americans stayed in school. Which apparently was good for Sullinger and Perry Jones. Yay for staying in school for just one more year which really doesn't even help in the long run at all because even academically two years doesn't do anything for you career-wise. Sweet.

9:07 - There are some seriously intriguing players available right now. Are the Spurs just biding their time? Just remember these front offices know a lot more than we do, so maybe they have a good idea of who's going where. I mean, it's clearly speculation, but I find it hard to believe San Antonio's going to continue to stand idly by. Too much is at stake given the circumstances. Duncan's last year? Manu's final year in current contract... ya know. These little things.

9:12 - The Thunder are about to take Perry Jones III. Continue your evening.

9:18 - I hate everything.

9:32 - OK. Clearly San Antonio isn't looking to improve via draft. My guess: they want experience to win now. It'll be tough without a ton of assets to acquire a significant difference maker, but it can be done.

9:33 - I'm going to miss David Stern tonight.

9:49 - OK. I've re-energized for the second round and I've cracked my second beer. By the time the Spurs pick and the front office makes its media appearance everybody's going to be drunk, throwing bottles and hitting each other in the eye. I'm thinking about screaming while holding my eye once Pop walks in the room. *Gets credentials revoked*

10:09 - Welp, we've reached that point in the second round where commentators are questioning GMs on their coach's extortion case. Quite eventful this is right now.

10:18 - Right now as we look at this past year's contenders' drafts, I'm really liking what the Celtics did. They really augmented the depth in the frontcourt and have given themselves the chance to be successful if they bring back their old guys or not. If they do...serious depth. If not...good start at rebuilding.

10:35 - "And the Spurs select Sordroksky Olovatin from Chernobyl, Ukraine. He's 7-foot-8 and has a 67-inch vertical and can bench press 890 pounds. Very little is known about him except it's unknown whether or not he'll be allowed to play basketball around other people." - Fictional awesome draft prospects. (I do not mean to offend. I realize there's nothing funny about nuclear disasters....but......I'm bored.

10:44 - As the Spurs pick approaches, the excitement at the draft party is palpable. One guy is even sighting in and kind of cleaning his personal camera in ecstasy. Another dude just went to the restroom. The busiest is Jeff McDonald, who waited awhile to start writing it seems. Another guy is playing with a microphone stand. I'm drinking beer.

10:45 - If the Spurs pick is covered by a commercial break I'm gonna flip.

10:53 - Welp. Commercial. F*%$#**#*&$*#&#^&$&#&.

10:54 - Spurs apparently taking Marcus Denmon of Mizzou. Was part of that 4-guard system in Missouri and is going in the area Cory Joseph probably should have gone last year. Regardless, very uneventful, other than another guy to challenge for the backup point guard and play in the summer league.

Just FYI, our man Sam Bunnell will be giving us some more information on Denmon in the near future.

11:00 - Following the Lakers' pick we'll be getting some audio from PATFO. Will be up on the site ASAP.

11:11 - Buford basically said he likes Denmon's scoring/shooting ability...said shooters have "had some success around here." The idea is for him to participate in summer league, but a contract must be ironed out first. Audio coming soon.

Goodnight everyone. It's been fun. I'll be seeing y'all again soon.

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