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Outlet Pass

(Trey has graciously agreed to post a weekly commentary on Spurs news this summer. If you have any ideas about how we can keep you updated about the Silver & Black, let us know in the comments. - CapHill)

Howdy Pounders!!!

I have a confession to make--I loathe the offseason. I can't put into words how much I loathe it, but it's a loathing that borders upon the unhealthy. And that loathing quintuples when the Spurs are not the last team standing in June. I almost don't even care if my team is stinking up the joint Charlotte Bobcats style because hey, you know what? At least they're lacing 'em up every night, and I get to armchair analyze yet another night of basketball. For me, the offseason looms as a gaping maw of terrifying nothingness, where the scratching of ink pens scribbling contract signatures is more prevalent than the squeak of sneakers on the hardwood. If there's a more harrowing tale out there, I've yet to hear it!


To diehard hoops fans, that sign reads: "Help!!!!!"

That said, the Spurs' composition and additions during the 2011-2012 regular season promise to make this summer a bit more interesting than normal in our favorite south Texas hamlet. Let's do some Silver and Black recon after the jump.

Is anyone else intrigued by the word "workout"? In spite of the fact that I know the regimen for a workout for a professional basketball player is highly tailored to their craft, I can't shake the goofy mental image of them doing cheesy 80s workout videos in a practice facility. Preferably with a portly Pop leading the group in high kicks and step aerobics or something (you see what the offseason does to yours truly? Madness!).

All zaniness aside, Spurs fans have reason to be excited about the players coming from around the globe to "workout" with the silver and black this summer. While the Spurs' plans to bring over Nando de Colo (dibs on the term "Gamma Frenchie") from France are well documented, within the past week it has also come to light that Adam Hanga of Hungary and Davis Bertans of Latvia are scheduled to make the trek to the Alamo City. While their mere presence throws the future of Spurs fan favorite Danny Green into doubt, there's nothing set in stone as of yet as to who will actually join the Spurs' roster or training camp this season. Ah, the fluidity of the offseason--gotta love it!

Adding to the drama is the expected arrival of Erazem Lorbek. Once maligned by the media as unlikely to ever darken the doors of an NBA locker room, the big man from Slovenia has blossomed into this year's Spanish League Finals MVP. Bringing a deft outside shooting touch and capable post repertoire, Lorbek seems very likely to fill roles currently occupied by DeJuan Blair and Matt Bonner should he stick with the Spurs this summer. Bon Bon, however, is enjoying this summer far better than last, which saw him making way too many pilgrimages to New York during the throes of the NBA lockout.

And as the icing on the cake...........some Spur who wears #21 is in the top 10 of's free agent rankings. The Big Fundamental was the highest ranked of four Spurs on the list, weighing in at #7 overall. No worries, though, my fellow faithful, as we all cling with all our might to remember Timmy's words from the playoffs where he stated he's a "Spur for life." Still, I'm sure we'll all rest easier once the ink dries on Timmeh's next (and likely final--sniff) contract.


Big Fun defies you to stare hopelessly into the middle distance. Stay focused on the now!

The man Timmy calls the most loyal teammate he's played with, Stephen Jackson, will have his loyalty tested yet again as he does not expect to receive a contract extension with the Spurs. How will Cap'n Jack react under these circumstances? If last season is any indication, he'll fare well as he seems to be pleased with playing in San Antonio once again. He'll have his back against the wall just like Timmy, possibly playing for one final contract, but to hear him talk these days, there's no place he'd rather be than playing with one of his best friends in TD.


There is yet more pressure in need of intimate affection

It's not all drudgery this summer, though--lo, and behold, there will be some fun and games on the hardwood to lend us cheer, as the Spurs unveiled their Vegas Summer League Schedule for 2012. Along with 23 other NBA teams (and one team composed of D-League players), the Spurs will keep an eye out for players ready to make the leap to the ranks of the NBA, following in the footsteps of players like our own Gary Neal. Yours truly is looking forward to following the Summer League for the first time this season--don't be a stranger, give it a looksy! Play for the Spurs tips off against the Atlanta Hawks on July 15th.

Also prepping for summer play is our resident Brazilian, Tiago Splitter. Sparkles and his teammates are focused on a good performance in the group stage in London this summer, hoping to prime themselves for a medal run against the world's best. Back in the States, though, David Stern has made it clear that he wants to alter the look of international hoops, favoring a hierarchy of basketball that marginalizes the Olympics and emphasizes the World Championships.


A score later, we're still chasing the standard set by these guys

And finally....................there are these:



...................I got nothin', y'all. Have a good one!