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Interview with Tiago Splitter in Brasil

Internet translation of Portuguese is not the best, but here's an article with an interview of Tiago published on June 20 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In it he talks about how he is keeping tabs on his new son, Benjamin as well as how his Brazilian coach compares to Pop:

São Paulo (SP) June 20, 2012 - Tiago Splitter started training on the morning of Tuesday (20/06with the Brazilian national team, in order to contest the Olympic Games. He received a few days off after the end of participation in the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs, his team, to be present for the birth of his first child, Benjamin. Also training under the direction of coach Ruben Magnano are Nene, Washington Wizards; Anderson Varejao, Cleveland Cavaliers; Caio Torres, Flamengo; and Guilherme Giovannoni, in Brasilia; not to mention the promising young Mariano Lucas, Franca; and Ronald Giovannoni, who are looking good in practice, even though just being invited to join the group. "The best players from Brazil are here. We want to gain good results for the country and make the best selection," said Splitter in a press conference.


New Baby: But the birth of Benjamin requires more attention, and to lose no time in this new phase, Splitter installed a camera that is connected 24 hours a day filming the room of Benjamin, who is in San Antonio with his ​​mother and grandmother. "I say it is a much more difficult than being a player (laughs). Thankfully he has his mother and my mother to look after him as well. I'm doing everything to reduce missing him, and even installed the camera to see him when I want. Unfortunately he cannot accompany me to London. Otherwise I have my phone and skype to try to close the great distance," he said.

Preparation after end of NBA season: I'm fine (physically). I continued working in the days off in San Antonio, not missing a beat. Yesterday I trained hard, then everything is fine and I am prepared for this phase of training.

Team Brazil We will have strength, rebounding and defense, will not be easy to get the ball inside. We will defend our lane. This will be our first concern.

Brazil’s Group in the Olympics I guess sometimes you try to guess your opponent in the finals, but we have to worry about the group stage, to qualify as well. This is the most important; we must do well in our group and then think about the finals.

Chance to win medal We have to think to win medals, yes. There's no point going there just for the Olympics in order to participate. We're thinking about winning, thinking to reach a medal, and that is the goal.

Comparison between Gregg Popovich and Ruben Magnano Each has his style.In training Popovich talks with the player off the court is fairly easy. On the court he gives scoldings, to get you to do the best for the team. Magnano is calmer off the court, but on the court is as rigorous.

Friendship with Luis Scola He is a kind of godfather to my son. We have a great friendship, but friendship in London will not go into the court.