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Spurs Play Beautiful Basketball: Video Breakdown from Game 2

The Setting

It's the 4th quarter of Game 2 and the Spurs are up big. Both teams have emptied their benches, but Boris Diaw is still in the game for San Antonio to help with play creation, which is just he does here.

The Setup

The play begins with a pick and roll on left side with Patrick Mills (guarded by Jamaal Tinsley) and Diaw (guarded by Derrick Favors). Now Favors hedges to stop Mills from driving the lane, as Boris drops down just outside the paint. Mills sidearms a bounce pass to Diaw who takes a single dribble into the paint as Blair's man leaves to help on Diaw. DeJuan turns toward Diaw with his hands at his chest, ready for a pass.

The Play

This would be a good time to watch the video.

Spurs / Jazz Smooth Play Game 2 (via sbnpoundingtherock)


As Boris moved into the lane following his dribble, the ball came up off the floor and he redirected it with the slightest of movements. As his arm was fully extended, with the smallest possible motion of his fingers, hand, and wrist (and without making the slightest change to the the direction he was moving) he sent the ball directly to where Blair's waiting hands were, and DeJuan immediately laid it in.

Without even getting into the amount of skill, court vision and control it takes to be able to complete a play like that (with that kind of accuracy) it's just fun for me to watch this whole play, and just follow Boris throughout -- especially after he's passed the ball. The word casual comes to mind, as he just continues to jog along on his way back up the court to play defense as Blair scores.