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Fraternizing with the Enemy: Pre-game 3 Q&A with Amar from SLC Dunk

The Spurs continue their playoff journey Saturday, but what will be a running, series long dialogue between Amar and I continued today. To get things started, I asked him a few questions, and his first answers are here. His first questions for me and my answers can be found here. Round two of his answers to my questions are here, and round two of my answers can be found over here. Round three is below, with a link to his questions and my answers here. As always, keep the convo classy, Pounders.

What is it going to take to get Favors more time? I mean, seriously, dude. He's a game changer.

Look at Tyrone Corbin's overt use of veterans as security blankets (up until their injuries Raja Bell and Josh Howard were both starting and playing more than half the game -- and rising), it may simply take even more injuries, or the Jazz front office forcing his hand by trading away a big. In this series I would have been expecting him to play more than he has. I could justify keeping him on the bench if Big Al was 'doing it' on offense, but Big Al is only doing 13.0 ppg off of 41 fg%. Big Al is not doing it, and Favors continues to sit. It is upsetting, to say the least.

What has happened to Paul Millsap? Like two years ago he was all star material. Right now he's looking like a slightly above average role player.

Millsap can't exploit anyone on the Spurs. Bonner draws him out and doesn't let him post up. Jackson is quicker and faster. Diaw isn't afraid of him and takes him to the rack and is still smart enough to poke entry passes away. Blair is essentially a thicker, younger Millsap. I think a huge part of his success was rebuilding himself into a guy who exploits mismatches. The Spurs flipped the script on him by playing him straight up with other guys who create mismatches. A more conventional team would be feasted on by Sap. The Spurs? Too balanced. No overt weakness. No mismatches. It's simple to me.

Game 2 Al Jefferson: Just a bad game, or did the Spurs defense shut him down?

I think it is a combination of everything. The Spurs crowd him, and he can't get the time to set up his moves without pressure. The regular season is more his style -- the playoffs are a different animal. Also the Jazz aren't doing him any favors either by bricking all their jumpers. If there was more floor spacing then Al might be able to get into a rhythm (he's a big rhythm player). Having no space to operate, and having to hurry things up have absolutely shut him down. Jazz aren't helping him, and the Spurs aren't either. The result is a huge drop off in play.