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Too Much Time Between Playoff Games Links, Number 2

So, does anyone else feel like the NBA essentially shot us all up with black tar heroin all regular season, and now is doing everything they can to string us out? I feel kind of like a rat in a science experiment where everytime I pushed a button, I got food, and now when I push the button nothing comes out. Come on, NBA. You were supposed to wean me off non-stop basketball by having at least one set of back to backs in the first round, not this three games in seven days rubbish. THRGASENI? That's not even a worthwhile acronym. I'm pretty sure JRW (lover of all things acronymical) just vomited a little reading that.

Bollocks, Stern. Absolute Bollocks.

Fortunately, sports writers still have jobs to do, so enjoy some links.

Tim Griffin talks about Parker staying in the game when Pop wanted to take him out.

Look, it's another story from Tim Griffin! This time, he discusses some of the different things we did to Al Jefferson (aside from just, you know, dominating)

Ok. Last one from Griffin. Cool story about Hayward and how Manu was one of the reasons he picked #20. So far this series, I'd give the edge in play to Hayward, although Manu's clearly off and really it's been pretty even. He's a pretty promising young player.

Grantland breaks down which titles deserve footnotes (instead of asterisks). I'll give you a hint, of the Spurs four titles, more than 3 are on there.

Marc Stein says the Spurs have swagger. Evidence:

Example? When it was suggested to Stephen Jackson that he's an NBA Coach of the Year good-luck charm for Gregg Popovich, since he was on the roster both times Popovich won the award (2003 and this week), Jackson said with a broad smile, clearly proud of the line: "I told Pop that. If you can coach me, you win automatically."

That's what I think of when I think of swagger?

In other NBA news:

Chris Bosh A dinosaur Predator procreated and is likely to miss game 3 of Miami-New York, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade won't notice.

Finally, check out this cool flow chart diagramming when teams will win titles.