Hee! Manu said "regression to the mean"


I've read before that Manu's a bit of a technology and math geek, but I was excited to hear him say this and his expression: "Percentages tend to stabilize." (Yeah, I'm a geek too.) It's around the 6:12 mark if you don't want to listen to his entire post-practice interview on Monday. It's worth listening to the whole thing if you have the time... he talks about Pop using "different words" and acknowledges that "nasty" may have been mild in comparison to what slipped out in public. Hilarious. When asked about their current winning streak: "We really don't care. We are close... seven games away to accomplishing something way bigger than a streak.... We always think about next game, how tough it's gonna be, the things we're going to have to do to beat them, and the things we have to improve." Manu also gives props to Harden, calling his 6th Man award this year 'well deserved.'