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Bloggers Have Voices Too

One of the funny things about blogging about one of the last few teams left playing, is that people are interested in talking to you after having ignored the Spurs all season long. But even funnier is where on the planet those people happen to be. In the last week, Matthew Tynan, PtR's recapper extraordinaire and yours truly recently had calls from radio stations in Washington and New Zealand to talk about our favorite San Antonio-based team. We were only happy to oblige.

Click here to hear my short stint on LIVEsport. I believe I was talking to Nathan Rarere, but I'm not entirely sure.

And here's Matthew's spot on the Johnny Ballgame show.

In addition to these appearances, I was on a New York (or Staten Island, if we're being pedantic) show last week, but the recording was nonexistent and we'll try again the next time I talk to them. But it was a good half hour conversation, so I'm expecting to have my second go-round with them soon.