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Radio appearances by J.R. Wilco and Matthew Tynan

Our very own Matthew Tynan and J.R. Wilco will both be appearing tonight on the radio to talk about our beloved Spurs!

Matthew will be on The Johnny Ballgame Show at 6:30pm CST (a.k.a. STTOTTM - Spurs Time The Only Time That Matters) 4:30pm Oregon time.


If you happen to live in eastern Oregon, tune into KLMB (1450 AM or 1490 AM) for the broadcast. For everybody else on the planet, there's the Johnny Ballgame Show's website, and in the right-hand corner of your screen click on the "watch" button.

And at 7:05pm CST (STTOTTM), our fearless leader will be chatting with the folks at WSIA in Staten Island, NY. That's 88.9 FM for those folks in NY - the rest of us can listen here.