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The Heat Must Lose Stream Of Consciousness Loser Thread

You know this technique. It is every high schooler's nightmare, when you are suddenly prompted by a tyrant perched atop a mountain of books and diplomas to put pen to paper and keep writing whatever is on your mind. Loosen the inner tongue, so to speak, until something of value is produced on until you reach the minimum number of words necessary to post a loser thread in this FSM-forsaken site. Eventually your mind starts to drifts, and you find yourself writing things that belong only in the deepest parts of your mind, why doesn't it bother your nerd sensibilities that Black Widow was so short, I wonder what Pop's wine tastes like, wouldn't it be funny if it wasn't up to his lofty standards, I wonder where Bonner buys the bread for his homemade sandwiches and why does Kawhi look so dashing when he smiles...

Eh. Never mind.