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Tim Duncan Is Nice, But He Gets Aggravated Too

In the third quarter of the Spurs' win over the Clippers on Tuesday, Tim Duncan scored on a layup and bumped into Blake Griffin, checked to see that he was ok (as he regularly does after accidental collisions) and went back up the court to play defense.

I saw a number of stories talking about how nice he was --what a class act Duncan and the Spurs are, etc. -- but none of those other guys seemed to have noticed that after Tim checked to see if Blake was hurt (and realized that he wasn't hurt but just try to sell the contact) he gave him a bit of an exasperated eye roll.

Check it out and judge for yourself.

Nice Tim Duncan with an eye roll?

Here is my guess at what Duncan's internal monologue was through the whole run of this video.

"... and I scored. Great!

Now I've got to get back on defense and -- Whoa! I hit someone. I didn't know anyone was there!

Must have been too focused on laying that ball in, I guess. Better make a mental note to be better aware of my surroundings so I don't hurt anyone.

Who was it I bumped? Oh, Blake Griffin. He seems to have really been unprepared for that, look at how far his head popped back. I wonder if he's ok. Better check.

You ok, Blake? Did I get you in the mouth there? Sorry about that. Didn't see you. There you go, it'll be alright. -- wait a second.

I didn't get him that hard. He was -- Stop that, Tim. Don't judge. Be sure he's alright for real.

He is alright. Look at him. He's not wincing at all. He's so programmed to overreact to contact that he does it even after the play is over.


What a scallywag."

What do you think? Am I imagining things, or is it really there?