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Lazy Day Spurs Link Roundup

So, we've got two days off between games in the playoffs...remember when we were stuck playing FOGAFINIs, THIGAFONIs, and all those other acronyms I don't feel like butchering? Well, there was always a game, which meant there was always something to do. No Spurs game tonight? Or tomorrow? Might as well enjoy some linkage.

Here is an article in the Salt Lake City Tribune discussing the matchups for the series. This is one from SLC Dunk using data from Synergy Sports.

Marc Stein writes a recap/discusses Tony Parker being, you know, awesome.

SLC Dunk provides a great play breakdown and describes the Spurs as "impossible to defend" predicts the Spurs have a 36% chance of winning it all this year...the second best odds are Miami at 18%.

I don't understand this metric from Hardwood Paroxysm (I don't even understand their name) but it looks pretty cool and seems to indicate that the Spurs are awesome.

For some non Spurs coverage:

Rajon Rondo is pretty much guaranteed a suspension at this point for chest bumping a ref (and not in a celebratory way). Stick a fork in the Celtics.

Credit Tom Thibodeau for trying to keep Chicago's spirits up, even if he's likely delusional.

Speaking of delusional, David Stern doesn't think the schedule has anything to do with the injuries this season. In fairness, he's talking specifically about Rose's ACL tear. He may be right about the ACL tears and a couple of the other major injuries, but the nagging injuries that can lead to those? Buffoonery, David Stern. You aren't fooling anyone.