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Saturday 4/28/12 PLAYOFF Loser Thread

So, after that manic regular season that saw our Spurs finish on a wildly successful run, it should come as no surprise that a franchise in the middle of an identity and venue shift has chosen to co-opt the Spurs' color scheme. They'll never admit to it, but come on... black, white and silver? It couldn't be more obvious who they've chosen to emulate. And what a lovely color scheme it is.



Anyway, the Spurs aren't playing until tomorrow, but the playoffs start today, so let's talk about today's action. Game times below the fold.

Game 1: Philadelphia 76ers @ Chicago Bulls

12:00pm (Noon) Spurs time - TNT

Game 1: New York Knicks @ Miami Heat

2:30pm Spurs time - ABC

Game 1: Orlando Magic @ Indiana Pacers

6:00pm Spurs time - ESPN

Game 1: Dallas Mavericks @ Oklahoma City Thunder

8:30pm Spurs time - ESPN