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Spurs end of season links: UPDATED

Here are some good end of season links. Get ready for the playoffs, Pounders. We're going to have some fun.'s Three for All - is a retrospective on the season's Triple Lindys, and evaluates them all with a point system they devised. It's pretty cool, and since it's objective, the Spurs rate at the top, of course.

Check out this story also from promoting Coach Popopovich as the COY, with a great quote from Commish Stern about the frequency with which Pop rested his guys this year, and ANOTHER reference to bubble-wrap. (Someone needs to find out who started this, because I think JRW is going to want to add it to The Lexicon.)

Regarding Tim Duncan, he can still dunk. Great piece by our very own LatinD. If you ever wonder why he doesn't write over here, it's because he likes them more...or something.

Spurs fans, enjoy your extra day of rest on Saturday, because the Spurs won't kick off the series against Utah until Sunday.

Probably my favorite article of the past few weeks. h/t to Drums in the Deep for alerting me to it. The Spurs are legit.

Stephen Jackson is the lolrus. Not really, but he does have buckets and he clearly had some fun at Sea World.

According to hoopshype (and I definitely agree) Pop is the Coach of the Year and RC is the executive/GM of the year.

Here's a really good interview with RJ regarding his time with the Spurs but mostly focusing on the transition he's had to make for the Warriors.