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Link Roundup

So, the Spurs finished number one in the non automated weekly power rankings. Currently, they sit atop John Hollinger's daily rankings as well. put us on top of their power rankings, but predicted the Heat would win the title.

Enough about power rankings. Let's see what else is being said about the Spurs.

Take an up close and personal look at the triply lindy the Spurs recently completed from LOTS of great details.

Tony Parker gets (a little) MVP love from Zach Lowe at the point forward.

Given my affinity for talking about total football and making comparisons between soccer and basketball as beautiful games that require off the ball movement and immense amounts of teamwork, I found this article about the Spurs playing "the beautiful game" particularly interesting.

Finally, the annual "trashman" all star team. I always look forward to this list. He does an excellent job pointing out the garbage men, the no-stat ultimate team players. Take a look at his list and see if there's anyone you disagree with or any significant omissions.