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QuickCap #57 - San Antonio Spurs vs Phoenix Suns



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Starting the game off was the usual 5 (Parker/Leonard/Blair/Duncan). Tim Duncan comes out huge, starting out extremely active, making 5-5. Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green also make a handful of 3's. Spurs maintain a large lead over the Suns throughout the quarter. Strange lineup at 2:00 left in the 1st, as Neal/Ginobili/Jackson/Blair/Splitter. Didn't work out too well, DeJuan caused 3 consecutive turnovers. At the end of 1, Spurs lead 35-13.

In the 2nd quarter, something happened you have to only see to believe. Matthew Bonner, of the San Antonio Spurs, dunked the ball. Spurs maintain upwards of a 20 pt lead through midway through the 2nd. Duncan gets a HUGE dunk, posterizes a few Suns players. Steve Nash doesn't enter the game after exiting in the first 6 minutes of the 1st quarter. Spurs steamrolling the Suns at the half, 62-38.

Steve Nash and Grant Hill will not play for the Suns in the second half. Manu Ginobili starts instead of Danny Green. Interesting, but it works. The Spurs don't seem to have their usual 3rd quarter collapse. Tim Duncan still red hot through the quarter. Midway through the quarter, Pop benches Duncan and Parker. Brings in Mills and Diaw. At the end of the 3rd, Spurs lead 84-65.

Doesn't look like the Spurs starters will return to this one, as the Spurs continue to hold off the Suns to a double-digit lead. The Suns make a short run at the halfway point of the 4th, but with a quick timeout, Pop corrects his bench to play more solid basketball.

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