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Spurs vs Knicks Cross-Talk

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So, this isn't a full-fledged Fraternizing with the Enemy, but Seth of Posting and Toasting and I are doing a quick-like exchange before the game tonight. He answers a couple of my questions below, and later today, my responses to his query of "What's up with the Spurs?" will post over there.

Until then, when I told Seth that I thought we'd like to know what kind of play to expect from the Knicks, what their pet plays are, and who are the surprises to look out for, here's what he had to say

Things are a little tense right now. The Knicks have been very up and down-- from game to game and quarter to quarter-- with Amar'e Stoudemire still sputtering a bit, Carmelo Anthony unable to hit shots in a new, more off-ball role, and Jeremy Lin regressing from his otherworldly February performance. The Knicks at their best run a deadly 1-5 pick-and-roll with Melo and Amar'e lurking on opposite sides of the floor, force turnovers and push the pace, and get a big boost from the second unit. The Knicks at their worst are very, very, very bad and take terrible shots and make Knicks fans very sad.

It's early yet, though. We're doing our best to be patient with a relatively new batch of guys. I expect they'll have quite a bit of trouble with the Spurs, but it's impossible to know what you're going to get from this team. If they do compete, I imagine it'll have a lot to do with the bench. Iman Shumpert has looked great as a defensive stopper and pace-pusher, while J.R. Smith and Baron Davis have shown some sparks and your old friend Steve Novak has been deadly from downtown. Oh, and Josh "Jorts" Harrellson is back in action and ready to roughhouse. The bench is a fun, fun group, and they have the potential to change a game on any given night.

So what do you £ers think of that brief explanation, and what do you expect from the Knicks tonight?