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Zombie Dunk

So, this is the last of the "please go look at this page and vote" posts. I think there's only one more of these before the series ends. Anyway, Pounders, you know the drill- go to this page and vote. (I picked Gerald Wallace)

Oh? What's this, you say? You mean there have been Spurs who dunked as well? Even one that maybe could have been featured as a potential clip to vote on? Mayhaps, a Zombie dunk? Here's a clip of Michael Finley, in all his post-Dallas amnesty glory, reminding everyone that even Zombies believe they can fly.


Michael Finley huge dunk over Dampier in Playoff Semifinals (via hoops4lifedotcom)

Maybe we should think about that whole Amnesty RJ thing. I'd hate for him to turn around and make a highlight like that over Tiago Splitter.