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Fly Around: One Day Maybe I'll get a Shoe Deal

But if I do, it'll have to be for loafers. I really dig those things man. Or maybe flip flops. Either way, it won't be anything Nike, but since they are a sponsor of SB Nation, and therefore a sponsor of PoundingtheRock, I get to be the corporate sell out and write about their cool new ad campaign. Which I don't mind because it's an excuse to watch basketball youtube clips, and any excuse to do that is all right in my book.




This time, the ad's are focusing on "flying around" or "Fly Around" because Nike isn't a huge fan of grammar, apparently. So, anyway, here's the link. My personal favorite is Chris Paul abusing Kobe Bryant (should have been an and1, too). Go vote, enjoy the highlights, and look forward to at least one more of these posts from me. Also, we should consider creating an ad campaign to get Matt Bonner an ad campaign. Food for thought.