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California, Here I Come: PtR Meet-up in L.A.

Well, it's finally happening. The flight is booked, arrangements have been made, and the bags are ... well, they're nowhere near being packed, but that doesn't mean that much really. I nearly always put off those kind of preparations. Much like I've been putting off this announcement. Every time I wanted to post it something noteworthy would happen, like the recent trade, but now we seem to be in the clear, so let's get to the details so any of you West-Coast £ers who are able, can make your own plans as well.

I will soon be here

One of my favorite people in the world lives in Los Angeles. We each served as the best man at each other's weddings. Since then, life and whatnot have intervened, and we haven't been in the same place, at the same time for far too long.

But that's being remedied next month, when I will be arriving in the land of smog city of angels on the evening of April 12th ... just as he is vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. Wait, that makes no sense. Why should I come to the golden state just when he's LEFT it, and before he gets back? Well, this is the stuff schedule conflicts are made of. But my loss can be your gain. In the time between my touching down on the Pacific coast, and my buddy's return from Mexico on Sunday the 15th, I will be available to meet, greet and otherwise pass the time with those good folks who have been enjoying PtR all this time. Provided that you have the time free, and are close enough to get your keesters down this way.

The plan: on Saturday, April the 14th, I'll be reserving space in an establishment in Orange County that caters to those who enjoy sports, food and beverages. There I shall set up from early afternoon through the evening when the Suns @ San Antonio Spurs game will be made available (at 6pm local time, 8pm STTOTTM) for our viewing pleasure courtesy of the Whirlwide Liter.

All interested parties can email me for more details so we can schedule this for as many as possible. I'm hoping to see as many of you as I can, so if things need to be relocated and/or rescheduled to accommodate the majority of attenders, that's what'll happen.

So, who is interested and available?