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A Farewell Letter to Richard Jefferson

Dear Richard,

I haven't been as surprised by a Spurs' trade since the one in 2009 that brought you to San Antonio. Although your stay with the Spurs didn't work out quite as well as you (and I) wanted, I wish you well in your new home with Golden State.

Corner Pocket!

So many of us were excited when the Spurs acquired you in 2009. Although we were sorry to see Bruce, KT, and Fab go, we thought you were going to be that missing piece in the championship puzzle - A Big 4! Alas, it was not to be. However, let me express my appreciation for what you did do while you were a member of the Silver and Black:
  • Thank you for conducting yourself with class and professionalism.
  • Thank you for being willing to retool your game to fit the Spurs' needs, especially considering your experience in the league.
  • Thank you for always suiting up and for playing major minutes when one of your teammates was injured.
  • Thank you for taking a back seat to Timmeh, Tony, and Manu and not pouting about it.
  • Thank you for making those numerous three-pointers at such a great rate.
  • And finally, thank you for this - a moment that never fails to make me smile:

Most sincerely,